The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety

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The Ascent Carbon brace is Meru Safety’s first entry into the FHR market. The Ascent Carbon Brace is a full carbon head and neck restraint with stainless and aluminum hardware.  A hydraulic shock absorber built into the backplate of the device to help reduce concussion causing forces.

How does the Ascent Brace work?

The Ascent Carbon Brace works with Meru Safety’s patented shock absorber design. In a frontal or reverse impact Inertia Dampening Technology (IDS) helps dampen the speed at which the head comes to a stop. Unlike other common FHR devices that bring the head to a stop quickly which can cause concussions, Meru is making massive strides in concussion prevention by being able to control the head movement throughout the entire length of impact which results in major reduction in concussion causing forces. A shock absorber connects to the hinged back plate on the device which allows the back plate of the device to move back and forth slightly. Speed sensitive valving detects large force impacts and stiffens to dampen abrupt movements. The Ascent Carbon Brace connects to any helmet with mounting points with a sliding tether system familiar to other FHR devices, and is available to use for anyone with a 5 or 6 point harness.

What are the main benefits of the Ascent Carbon? 

In a 70G impact the Ascent Carbon Prototype Brace was able to reduce the force from the back of the head through the eyes to only 63 pounds which is a near 80% reduction in concussion causing forces. 

Components & Hardware

Each brace comes complete with each of the following components and is ready for use without any modification or additional purchase.


  • Hollow carbon fiber collar with non slip belt grips
  • Carbon Kevlar Burst Panel
  • Carbon Fiber headrest
  • Neoprene headrest padding
  • Anodized Aluminum and stainless steel hardware 
  • Stainless steel shock mount 
  • Custom cnc built hydraulic shock absorber 
    • Proprietary speed sensitive valving
    • Custom aluminum piston 
    • Custom air bladder/diaphragm
    • Aluminum body, cap, piston, and seal head 
    • Stainless steel shock shaft
    • Maxima shock oil


  • Custom molded honeycomb infill padding
  • Nomex wrapped padding covers

Helmet Anchors

  • Magnetic Locating Helmet anchors
    • Aluminum housing
    • Silicon padding 
    • N52 magnets

Sliding Tethers

  • Fire resistant kevlar webbing tether
  • Magnetic blended Stainless steel helmet mounts
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety
The Ascent Carbon brace by Meru Safety